Fee Schedule: HICAPS and EFTPOS available

Initial Consultation & Treatment (60-75 min) $135-$165
Return Standard Visit (45 min) $90
Extended Visit (60 min) $120
Extended Visit (75 min) $150

Note: Health fund rebates are available for participating Private Health Funds for acupuncture only.


Ongoing support via telehealth (video) consultation#

Telehealth 30 min check-in or review                       $60

Dietary review and tailored program (30-45 min)     $90-$135

# For existing patients only: one-on-one video consultation with your practitioner where you will be able to see each other in real time. This consists of any review of your latest test results and assessment of current treatment plan to guide you through any dietary and supplement changes, lifestyle routine e.g. exercise, stress managemet, etc. The telehealth

Once your telehealth consultation has been booked, you will receive a text message with instruction for your appointment. You do not need to download any app for the telehelath session; it is secure and accessible from smartphone, tablet or desktop. However, we also offer FaceTime, Skype and Zoom for your convenience/preference.

Telehealth payments are to be made via PayPal, Stripe for credit cards or bank transfer.

Appointments may be booked by calling or texting 0423 128 324, or via email to my@mytruehealth.com.au


Integrative Cancer Support Consultation
Initial Consultation* (45-60 min) $245
Subsequent Session§ (30 min) $150

Note: any botanicals and/or nutraceuticals will be extra cost.

Appointments may be booked by calling or texting 0423 128 324, or via email to munyee@oncothrive.net

* includes pre-reading of medical history/records that need to be sent or emailed prior to the first consultation. A deposit of $100 (via PayPal, Stripe for credit cards or bank transfer) will be required at the time of receipt of medical history/records.

§ We offer follow-up sessions via telehealth for those who may have difficulty in traveling to the practice. No download or sign up to any app is necesarry for telehealth.

1 O'Connor Crescent
Hampton East, VIC 3168
Mobile: +61 423 128 324
Email: my@mytruehealth.com.au